Speichererweiteung Fanuc 16/18

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Available board sizes are:
1. FanRam (TM) -16A/B/C (512K or 1280 meter)
2. FanRam (TM) -18A/B/C (512K or 1280 meter)
3. FanRam (TM) -16B/C (2 Meg or 5120 meter)

To Fill Fanuc 16,18 Upgrade Orders

The 16A and 18A/B/C models are limited to 512K (1280) part program storage. The 16B/C models are limited to 2 megabytes (5120) part program storage.

Please provide the following information from the SETTING SCREENS (as described in Section 1.3 of your Fanuc Maintenance Manual): Press „SYSTEM“ key, bringing up SYSTEM CONFIG (SLOT) screen. Look at SLOT 00. Give us the next 4 numbers/letters under MODULE. The next two digits (the ID) will be 40.

Page down to SYSTEM CONFIG (MODULE)/SLOT 00 and see if you have ADDITIONAL SRAM or RAM installed. Next give us the bits in Parameter 9921 and 9943.

Warranty Policy

All boards and kits carry a three-year replacement or repair warranty. Our memory boards have an extended warranty whereby we replace out-of-warranty boards at 50% of the then current price.



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